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He was wise and since papa was gone I soaked in all I could from Mr. They love to run around chasing bugs and throwing rocks. As I approached the back porch I could see the lights were dim and the house was quiet.

You would think that with two energetic eleven year olds it would be a mad house. I gently pushed the door open and made my way in with the package from mama. MacArthur met me at the door and I followed her to the kitchen. She seemed tense and hurried. She took the box from me and placed an envelope in my hand. She was tall, slender and lean; she moved quickly through the hall from room to room and I stood there staring at the spot where her silhouette had just been.

MacArthur was busy putting away the items that mama had sent. I said good-bye and begin to make my way back home. It must have taken me a little longer to get home, when I got there, mama was waiting on the porch. I handed the envelope to mama, kissed her cheek and made my way to bed. I welcomed the thoughts of her that came back. I wondered who she was, how long she had been here and when was she returning. As I lay there in my thoughts, the room quickly became filled with both our shadows dancing around the room. For three nights I lie awake thinking of her.

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I was going to go on my own. I needed to see her face.

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They just talk, talk, and talk all about themselves. The closer and closer I got, the more my heart beat faster. The more my mind tried to talk me into turning around and heading home, the more my heart pushed me to go on further. Trying to rehearse what would. Tired, dirty and exhausted I sat down at the bottom.

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I remembered the jar of peach preserves I had in my sack and ate the entire thing like a starving animal. Mama would have a fit if she saw the way I was eating I thought as I closed the jar and put it back in my sack. Then I began to hear a crackling sound above me. I stood really still, and prepared to protect myself in case it was a snake or a wolf. One thing I learned from papa before he left was how to protect myself against animals.

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He once told me a story of how he was once lost in the woods for days, he lived off of wild honey and berries and had stumbled across a pack of wild dogs. I looked forward to the times that I would be able to share my adventures with my own children.

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He taught me everything he knew about surviving. I may not be the best looking or the smartest man, but those skills give me an advantage over every other man in town. As the sound got closer I could sense that it was softer and lighter. Probably a rabbit or something or I thought.

The Lovely Shadow The Lovely Shadow
The Lovely Shadow The Lovely Shadow
The Lovely Shadow The Lovely Shadow
The Lovely Shadow The Lovely Shadow
The Lovely Shadow The Lovely Shadow
The Lovely Shadow The Lovely Shadow
The Lovely Shadow The Lovely Shadow
The Lovely Shadow The Lovely Shadow
The Lovely Shadow

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