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The Tin Can Tree

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Featured Author: Anne Tyler

A spy story has never been so gripping, and falling in love again has never been so dangerous. Is about the settling of the African wilderness in its simplest form; it's also a love story, one man trying to decide between two women, a willful young girl who was Zulu and a beautiful widow, settling the Congo with her br An exciting thrilling screen Play. The screen play begins describing the showing of footage from some of the many nuclear tests that were carried out by the U.

They will remember the many lessons Mr. Tree teaches Tyler about life. Tree will tell T Anne Tyler has been one of my favorite writers for the last 30 years. I don't think it's because I grew up a few neighborhoods away from her; I think it's because she's talented, tender, and wise. It's the story of several families and individuals 'trapped' in a small town in any state in the country, living their daily lives, wanting something better, but not really knowing how to grasp it. Almost sounds Anne Tyler has been one of my favorite writers for the last 30 years.

Almost sounds like a Springsteen song and, in this case, covers many of the themes found in his lyrics. I would have given the book 4 stars except for its slow start. It took a while for her to establish the characters and to provide enough information to care about them. About halfway through the book, the conflicts become more inflated, although they are certainly not of grandiose proportions. Most interesting to me is the young Simon, who has just lost his little sister in a farming accident and wants to run away from home because his grieving mother is paying little attention to him.

In essence, he wants to run away to see if she even notices. While Simon does not appear in most of the book, he is the most compelling character, with some very humorous observations about life and his community. What makes Tyler interesting in all of her novels is that nearly all of her characters also have a very deeply felt point of view about life.

Then there is Joan, the young woman who also packs her bags to leave town but finds that she is, for some reason, drawn back to her dull existence among even duller people. The lyrics "we got to get out while we're young" come to mind as Joan settles back and realizes she's not going anywhere. I've often felt that a network like HBO could serve itself well by buying the rights to all of Ms. Tyler's books and giving them the wider audience that they deserve in the most unabashed way. Jan 06, Candace rated it liked it Recommends it for: Fans of Anne Tyler; fans of first novels by distinguished writers.

This was a strong early novel for Anne Tyler. It moved verrrry slowly, and the resolution kind of went over my head or was tacked on and artificial. However, the characters were interesting, and the story kept me engaged. I have real problems with the character of Ansel -- was he chronically ill? A hypochondriac or a drunken hypochondriac? The answers to those questions never became clear to me. I don't really know, but as a chronically ill person, I was saddened This was a strong early novel for Anne Tyler.

We've got far too many of those in books and movies already. I'm sure there was something to the fact that Ansel's as in Ansel Adams? Tyler's humanity and fondness for each of her characters comes through -- even in this early work. Apr 13, Laurie rated it really liked it Shelves: I derive so much pleasure out of discovering an author that has written many books 19 in this case and I have never read any of them. It means I have a lot to look forward to reading!

I found the second book she wrote at my library. The Tin Can Tree seemed a good place to start. The setting is a rural, backwater area of the South. The story opens at the funeral of six-year-old Janie Rose Pik I derive so much pleasure out of discovering an author that has written many books 19 in this case and I have never read any of them.

The story opens at the funeral of six-year-old Janie Rose Pike who died after an accidental fall from a tractor. The novel depicts how several people deal with their personal grief, and with each other, but particularly, the ten-year-old brother, Simon Pike, and his parents. All the central characters live in an old, three-family house. One part for The Pike family, with an older cousin, Joan; another for two elderly maiden aunts, and the third where James and Ansel Green unmarried brothers reside. Tyler is a master of depicting the details of how people interact; wonderful descriptions of their movements, and thoughts, as well as descriptions of the landscape, the wind, the house, the tree hung with tin cans that Janie Rose decorated.

People struggle mightily in getting past their grief but, in the end, they find what is still important in their lives and come together. I am amazed that Anne Tyler was just 22 years old when she wrote this book in Jul 09, Ann rated it liked it. This is a quick, enjoyable read and shows flashes of the genius that Anne Tyler later developed.

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  5. Guthries War: A Surgeon of the Peninsula and Waterloo;
  6. She really captures the feel of the place and the cadence of people's lives and language. The characters didn't come as alive for me as in most of her later books, and I think that is because she tried too hard to explain them here, instead of just letting them be. Feb 20, Judy rated it really liked it. I liked this book.

    I miss the usual quirky character Anne Tyler usually has though as in the Accidental tourist and If morning ever comes and Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant. This is a lovely story though of a family and how they deal with the loss of a child and the 2 sets of neighbors that live in their triplex. Sep 08, Rose rated it really liked it. In her second book , Anne Tyler again squeezes out emotional power from her characters. Jun 30, Christine rated it it was ok Shelves: Definitely not one of her better books. Simon and Janie are the only likeable characters. The rest of them are all so dull, depressing and frustrating that by the end I felt they were all getting what they deserved by being stuck with one another.

    Jun 27, Dianna Whitlock added it. Aug 26, Barbara rated it really liked it. I came away uplifted by the ordinary Jan 30, Mickyt rated it it was ok. I love Anne Tyler books but I just couldn't enjoy this one. Aug 04, Merim rated it it was ok. IT was pretty boring to me. Feb 24, Susan rated it liked it Shelves: Aug 09, Nancy rated it really liked it.

    Book number 2 from Anne Tyler's huge canon - and a bit different from book number 1.

    Tylers Wise Old Tree Tylers Wise Old Tree
    Tylers Wise Old Tree Tylers Wise Old Tree
    Tylers Wise Old Tree Tylers Wise Old Tree
    Tylers Wise Old Tree Tylers Wise Old Tree
    Tylers Wise Old Tree Tylers Wise Old Tree
    Tylers Wise Old Tree Tylers Wise Old Tree
    Tylers Wise Old Tree Tylers Wise Old Tree

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