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Well, not for the poor contractor, but you did warn him. Thanks for sharing your story, well told too. Glad I checked this out. I have a real respect for Irish folklore. I think anyone should be able to enjoy these stories, regardless of religion.

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Like Liked by 1 person. Hi Roy, what a wonderful story and thank you for sharing it with us! It just goes to show how powerful the belief in the old stories and the fairy folk used to be. This interconnectedness is advanced thinking which the majority of humans today cant or wont grasp, yet is something which clearly lingered and remained important in rural areas while the rest of the world went mad on capitalism and greed.

Thanks for getting in touch! Actually, tying things to branches causes a lot of damage as the trees grow, the branches get wider and the rags get too tight. Also there was a tradition of hammering coins into the trunks and branches of trees, which over the years slowly poisoned them to death. I was just at the early Christian monastic site of Fore yesterday, and that is exactly what happened to one of the fairy trees there… there are two, and the one which died was an ash tree apparently.

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Anyway, in spite of this, people are still hammering coins into the trunks of the replacement tree that was planted, I mean, how ignorant and selfish is that? It would be interesting to know if the Sidhe took any revenge on the people who killed their tree! Most people at Fore left socks, or rags, and to be honest, both trees look a mess. To me the trees look better decorated with their own leaves, as nature intended.

Great article Ali — I love the way you infuse your storytelling skills into the prose. Hi Neil, thank you for that… I was literally just reading your very interesting post when you left this comment! Good to meet you, and I am looking forward to reading more of your blog. The Metaphysics of Faerie Trees — deadbutdreaming. Trying out a tour.

Falling asleep under a hawthorn tree then finding yourself in the fairy realms with no way of getting home would not be nice. I too love how the old legends live on and are respected, though increasingly the modern world prevails.

Take on Nature: Woe betide he or she who fells a fairy tree

Thank you for the lovely compliment, Roy. I probably bore most people to tears, lol! But I love this stuff, and I guess Im not the only one! I love how the legends persist to this day and are taken quite seriously.

The Fairy Thorn — William Butler YEATS

That is very cool. The trees are scrappy, but they do look magical in your pictures. I want to plant one in my yard. Thanks for bringing a little magic into my day.

The Curious Phenomenon of the Irish Fairy Tree | aliisaacstoryteller

Trees are magical indeed. Stopping a motorway being built is certainly some power to behold. Looks like a scary movie in the making then. I was horrified when I heard about the M3. Did you ever hear that the Catholic church banned hawthorn blossom in the house? I remember my mum going ballistic when I brought her home a bunch of mayblossom when I was little and was told never to do it again.

I wrote an essay on that very subject, Jane, and it was that which got me into uni! The whole process was corrupt from start to finish. Tara survived thousands of years because no one knew about it and no one went there. In the last years or so, more people have been there since before it fell into disuse.

Those visitors feet, and other activities , are bound to have a destructive effect, now the M3 added to the mix. Scientists discover it contains one of the substances present in the early stages of the decay of flesh, a smell people would have recognised when they kept dead bodies of loved ones in their homes before burial. And still do over here, in open caskets.

People would rather the hospital then the undertaker deals with the corpse. When we waked my mum there were people calling in until the small hours. Incidentally, my favourite breed of dog has always been the Irish wolf hound. When the baby was found it was by the body of a large wolf that Gelert had killed in order to save the princeling. Gelert was buried with honour and many tears and the place Beddgelert the Grave of Gelert in North Wales was named after him.

Some ancient sites were destroyed when the M3 was built. I wonder if that brought the project owners bad luck as not a huge amount of traffic use the M3.

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Do you use it? Do you agree with this person who changed his mind — http: I wish the old growth redwoods of my Northern California had the same regard as Irish hawthorn trees. After years of study botanists and other scientists discovered that redwood forests can store more carbon than any other type of forest or jungle.

So redwoods can play a vital role in combating global warming, and are far more valuable in the ground than as lumber. I just hope the lesson is learned before it is too late. I hope so too! A new cut tree stump looks like an amputated limb to me. Empires are built through the exploitation of people and nature.

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Its shocking how quickly man can decimate a forest, isnt it? Those trees probably took hundreds of years to grow, yet felled in minutes. Yet nature has an amazing capacity to regenerate.

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  8. Too late for some species, which are now lost forever. In Ireland, round about the same time actually, the wolf was hunted into extinction. If we carry on with this line of conversation, we are going to get all maudling! But on the plus side forests in the Eastern U. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

    Well, you've come to the right place. It was felt by those who remember fairy lore that destroying the thorn would result in road accidents and fatalities. The result of this publicity was that Clare County Council and the National Roads Authority met to find a way in which their motorway could incorporate the fairy thorn. Finally a compromise was found which benefitted both mortals and those of the Otherworld: Sadly, in , someone took a chainsaw and cut off the branches one night, leaving the trunk bare.

    It is not known what befell the person who did this, though the Good People do not take this sort of destruction lightly and many believe that he will have been punished accordingly. However, the celebrated fairy tree confounded all expectations eight months later by sprouting new leaves and flourishing once more.

    The Fairy Thorn The Fairy Thorn
    The Fairy Thorn The Fairy Thorn
    The Fairy Thorn The Fairy Thorn
    The Fairy Thorn The Fairy Thorn
    The Fairy Thorn The Fairy Thorn
    The Fairy Thorn The Fairy Thorn

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