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The Gospel of Mark is shorter than the other Gospels and some of the grammar and theology is unique.

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There are also significant similarities bewteen Mark and the Gospels of Matthew and Luke. Discussion of the extensive similarities between the Gospels of Matthew and Luke, including the likely existence of a "Q" document. Some time passed between the ascension of Jesus and the writing of the Gospels because there was no need for a written account while the eyewitnesses were still alive and in that culture oral tradition was the primary method of preserving history. Form critics also note that it is likely that it is likely that many of the narratives and sayings of Jesus circulated independently.

Form criticism is the method of classifying literature by literary pattern and determine its original form and historical context in order to interpret its meaning accurately. Redaction criticism focuses on evaluating how a writer has seemingly shaped and molded a narrative to express his theological goals. Studying the background and theological emphases of the Gospel of Mark helps us to understand the central message of his Gospel.

Studying the background and theological emphases of the Gospel of Luke helps us to understand the central message of his Gospel. Studying the background and theological emphases of the Gospel of John helps us to understand the central message of his Gospel.

By studying the background and comparing the text of the synoptic gospels, we can be confident of their authenticity. In order to understand Jesus' teaching, it is important to understand how he uses exaggeration and determine when he is using exaggeration to make a point. The Gospels record how Jesus used different literary forms to communicate his teachings.

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This class was taught by a teaching assistant of Dr. Stein's but his name was not provided.

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Jesus told parables to communicate with people. It's important to know how to interpret parables to accurately understand what Jesus was trying to teach. Description Description Course Goals: To provide pastors and church leaders with the knowledge necessary to understand the essential meaning and significance of the New Testament as it relates to salvation and sanctification. To train pastors and church leaders in the use of the survey method of study, including book charts.

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To instruct pastors and church leaders in the basic content of each New Testament book and how that content applies today. We are excited to say that this page is quickly becoming the most popular portion of our website! These articles might be helpful for personal Bible study or for teaching through these books. In each article below, we offer a thorough discussion of:. This will really be an ongoing, lifelong project. As we continue to read, study, and teach through the New Testament, we will continue to develop and add to the material in each article. Ultimately, the authority and exegesis of the text drives the interpretation of these commentaries.

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  • We agree with Charles Spurgeon when he said that he would rather be wrong about his systematic theology, than contradict the clear teaching Scripture. That is, these two disciplines done well serve to correct one another: We cannot have the part without the whole, nor the whole without the part. Be prepared to scroll!

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    We have listed the verses in BOLD to make it easier to find a given passage. Written for a largely Jewish audience , Matthew contains more citations of the OT than any other gospel. Before others had written down these events, Mark wrote his gospel. Luke focuses more on the Gentiles than any of the other gospels Lk.

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    He also gives a greater emphasis on the Holy Spirit than the other gospels, though he emphasizes this much more after the birth of the church in the book of Acts. Note how many more times the Holy Spirit is mentioned in Acts, than in Luke. As a gospel to the Gentiles, Luke shows that Christianity is not a threat to the Roman government.

    He helps to explain why many Jewish leaders in the synagogue rejected Jesus as the Messiah, which would help explain why Christians were excluded from the synagogues. Written for non-Christians , John stresses the importance of believing Christ, because of his nature and work. He explains that the purpose of his gospel is evangelism Jn. While we have four gospels about the life, death, and resurrection of Christ, we have only one account of the birth and expansion of the Church.

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    This book helps tie together the various epistles of the NT, including the conversion of Paul. Without this book, we would not have a clear understanding of how the ministry of Jesus led to the rise of the early church.

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    • Paul had never been to Rome, so his letter to the Romans serves as his key explanation of the basics of Christian teaching. He covers the subjects of justification, sanctification, and glorification in the life of the believer Rom. The church in Corinth, Greece was wild with sexual frenzy, division, and false teaching. It is in this context that Paul writes two letters to lead them into true spirituality. It must have been intimidating for Paul to walk into this extremely wild and licentious city! He probably needed some encouragement! After being encouraged by Christ, Paul ended up settling in Corinth for a year and a half Acts Paul wrote this letter shortly after his first letter to the church in Corinth.

      Paul continues to press the theological and ethical issues in this follow up letter, but notice the gentle and relational approach he takes in addressing these suspicious believers. Judaizers hybrid Christian-Jewish false teachers had invaded the churches in Galatia soon after Paul planted a church there.

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      Here we see Paul arguing against legalism, and defending grace. This letter shows the importance of grace in the Christian community. Paul uses strong language to show that grace is an essential teaching to the church. This was a circular letter in which Paul gives a concise and yet deep presentation of our identity in Christ. Ephesians hardly contains any imperatives with the sole exception of Eph.

      If God were to speak to us personally, we might expect him to have a long list of imperatives to follow.

      New Testament Survey New Testament Survey
      New Testament Survey New Testament Survey
      New Testament Survey New Testament Survey
      New Testament Survey New Testament Survey
      New Testament Survey New Testament Survey

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